Custom Design Center

Here at Stardust in Mendon we aim to offer beyond our high level of Knowledge, Customer Service, and Repair work. We are able to offer an in depth and high quality look for a customized one of a kind piece that is wonderful and unique. Your ideas will become a reality with a jewelry design process that is transparent and visual using our 3D imaging center. Whether it is an engagement ring, wedding ring, family heirloom, update an original piece or for that stunning just because, we are able to create, re-design, re-invent, update and personalize that special piece one step at a time.

Custom Design Center at Stardust Mendon

During the consultation process, one of our highly trained and personable staff will provide one-on-one attention and the time needed to understand the nature of the design as well as the person who will be wearing it. We will transform your ideas with a jewelry design process that is visual. We will offer innovative suggestions, creativity and technical expertise in order for the finished results to not only suit the lifestyle of the wearer but to be well balanced, comfortable and structurally sound. We will take a look at the different types of metal compounds and select the finest of diamonds and gems to suit your needs. Depending on budget, we will also be more than happy to offer fine quality alternatives.

A successfully integrated cutting edge technology known as CAD, (computer-aided design), helps replace manual drafting with an automated process software in delivering visual aid in making adjustments and or changes before placing your order. We can modify, create, analyze and adjust optimization of the design allowing a new, higher standard for our industry. Our Design Center offers 3D imaging to bring to life a design with techniques provided to be the perfect blend for your vision while maintaining the highest quality.

Custom Designs By Stardust Mendon

When you are ready to take your ideas to the next level, contact our jewelry professionals here at Stardust of Mendon. Our approach to each custom piece will be new and fresh and we will project our design through 3D imaging to inspire a fantastic custom design which turn into an amazing creation.

Create a beautiful, meaningful and highly functional piece that you and yours are able to cherish for years to come! Make your appointment today!