Buying Gold

Mining Your Jewelry Box To Turn Scrap Gold Into Cash or New Pieces

If you’re like most jewelry lovers, you probably have a jewelry box full of gold pieces with damaged clasps, bent or broken links, missing gemstones, scratches, dents and other defects. Chances are, you also have a number of gold items you don’t wear because they’ve gone out of style, they don’t fit properly or you got them as gifts and they never really suited your taste.

We Buy Gold at Stardust Jewelers Mendon

Don’t let these relics just sit and gather dust. Turn in your scrap gold jewelry to your Stardust Jewelers for cash or store credit toward a brand new piece of fine jewelry. Since you’re not going to wear these items anyway, they’re like found money – and who couldn’t use a little extra dough in this tough economy?

Skyrocketing gold prices over the past year present an unprecedented opportunity to “cash in” on your old, unwanted gold and receive top dollar in exchange. Stardust Jewelers is more than happy to take these items off your hands and give you fair market value in terms of cash or credit toward something else in the store. We can melt the gold down and use it to create stunning new jewelry designs, sell it to a refiner or “clean it up” and resell it to another customer. It’s a “win-win” situation for everyone!

You may never again have a chance to get this much return on your scrap gold jewelry.

So empty out your jewelry box today and rid yourself of your broken and unwanted gold jewelry. With our help, you can transform these duds into cash in your pocket – or a brand new treasure to wear!