About Us

Why choose Stardust Jewelers?

We pride ourselves in quality and customer service, greeting every face with a kind smile and a staff equipped with knowledge to answer questions, design, repair, and order special pieces of jewelry that can be worn and loved for years to come.

About Stardust Jewelers in Mendon

We have seventeen showcases full of sparkling, desirable pieces set in precious metals with beautiful Diamonds and Gemstones so you can find the perfect gift for that special someone.

Not only is quality one of our top priorities, but the comfort and satisfaction of every client is our goal. When someone purchases from our store, they are not just receiving a beautiful piece of jewelry, but also the after care service such as checking Diamonds and gemstones in the setting, cleanings, and occasional adjustments that the pieces may need over time. At Stardust, we aren’t just a ‘jeweler’ or a ‘store’ but we also strive to be the team that can make almost anything happen in the jewelry realm. Our team, with over 80 years of combined experience, includes Jim, Tess, Barbara and our Master Jeweler Roberto running the shop.

Jewelry can be a significant sentimental and sensitive subject, and here at Stardust we understand that. We treat every piece with the respect and care it deserves. Every Diamond that is left in our care is plotted out under our microscope to show any inclusion, Laser inscription or identifying feature that every unique individual Diamond has. Just like a fingerprint. That way, when the piece is picked back up by the client they have full trust and security knowing that the Diamond they pick up is the same one that was left in our hands. Over decades we have built the trust with thousands of people, which is imperative when doing any kind of business.

Stardust has had a presence in the Massachusetts area since 1978 when the first store was founded. Since then, Stardust Jewelers has become a trusted and favorite family jeweler in Mendon and across Worcester County. Jim Hafers is the owner of Stardust Jewelers of Mendon. You can visit our store for:

In “The Little Town of Mendon” you will find a gem of a store with a reputation that stands strong behind a common household name in the area.

To learn more about the staff and services provided at Stardust Jewelers of Mendon and potential career opportunities, check out our page on Social Career Builder.